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el arte se lleva

Creative campaign, copywriting, videography, photography, web design

The Goal

POCO RUIDO MUCHAS NUECES is a project that was born in the deep path 11 of Mataró to give voice and form to a common dream. A brand that shares space, family and time with c43 studio. PRMN is a creative, handcrafted and sustainable jewelry project based on walnut.

The new creative campaign "art rises", of which c43 studio we have made the creative direction in its 360º, talks about the many ways to relate to art. Ode to love for the simple and essential.

“el arte se siente
se ama, se toca, se da
se rima, se escucha
se llora y se ríe
se celebra
se desea
se vive y se sueña
se arropa
se crea
se busca y se encuentra
se hace, se tiene
el arte se lleva.”

Honors / Mentions

Associació Empresarial de Publicitat: Premi Copy

Woman's health: Entrevista a Danna Paola

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